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Get Ready For Summer!

Things to add to your summer to-do list … Air Conditioning With temperatures rising over the next couple of months, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is important for your health. By being prepared for a hot summer, regulating temperature and filtering air, air conditioning effectively reduces the risk of heatstroke, other heat-related illnesses, and asthmatic symptoms. … Read more

Spring into Outdoor Entertaining

YAY! Spring has finally arrived and sunny days, warm evenings and outdoor entertaining are all underway. We have prepared a few tips and tricks to get your outdoor area ready for the hot summer days that are just around the corner. External Power Outlets Spring is the best time of year to get a safety … Read more

The Best Air Conditioning Systems for Perth’s Climate

When looking for the best air-conditioning system for Perth’s climate consider what features of the system are most important to you.  The luxury of being able to control the temperature inside your home is essential.  You need to feel comfortable and sleep well during Perth’s hot summer days and nights. When recommending systems to our … Read more

8 Winter Safety Tips

Electrical safety is a priority at Bara Electrical, and we have all the testing equipment needed to ensure homes are safe during winter. Additional appliances are plugged in during winters, such as electric blankets, portable heaters, and clothes dryers. This means greater demand and more chance of circuits overloading. Check out our Annual Compliance Program here. … Read more

Focus on Electrical Safety and Compliance Laws

Did you know that it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the home or business complies with the Electricity Regulations and safety laws?  This is important to keep the occupants safe from exposure to electrical faults and fire hazards. When using a qualified electrician to carry out smoke alarm and RCD maintenance, … Read more