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Lighting Styles and Tips for your Home

Styling your home is not only about cushions and rugs, it’s also making the right lighting style choices for your home.  The perfect lighting design must be functional, illuminating and highlighting to create the right ambiance for your home, while also being flexible enough to compliment the way you live. 

To help you achieve this blend of lighting magic, we have consulted with the in-home lighting consultants at Beacon Lighting.

LED Downlights

These look great, are energy efficient and can be used for interior or exterior lighting.  You can select from dimmable or fixed downlights depending on where they are being installed.  Dimmable are perfect for living areas and theatre rooms while fixed are great for hallways, toilets, bedrooms and walk in robes.

The number of downlights you need for a certain room or area is dependant on which downlight you choose.  This also comes down to personal reference. Some people like to have controlled beams of light that have the ability to highlight areas, others like to have an even constant single level of lighting.

Energy saving tip: Have your old halogen downlights replaced with LED downlights

Pendant Feature Lighting

Pendant lights give you a designer choice for stylish task and ambient lighting.  They are hugely versatile and equally stunning when clustered in a group or as a single statement piece.

Whether you are after a traditional or modern look, or maybe industrial chic or luxe are more your style, anything is possible with pendant lighting.

Pendant lights look amazing hanging over a bench top or dining room table.  They also make a statement when lighting up an empty corner.

In the bedroom pendants make a statement hanging low over your bedside tables or a single piece placed elegantly in the middle of the room.

Don’t forget about your bathroom … it can also be transformed to luxury spa with the right pendant lighting!

Energy saving tip: Use two-way switching in rooms with two exits to ensure lights can easily be turned off when leaving the room.

Choosing the right Colour Temperature

Cool, Warm or Daylight?

With so many lighting options to choose from it can be easy to forget your ultimate goal … to light your home the way you want.   When selecting the colour temperature for each room, use the following guide courtesy of Clipsal.

Warm White

Warmer Light with a softer feel that is comparable to traditional incandescent or halogen lighting. Preferred in cooler climates

Rooms: Living rooms, Bedrooms, Entertaining areas

Cool White

Neutral Light which is used for task lighting but becoming more popular as a standard colour option for general lighting

Rooms: Laundry, Garage, Study, Bathroom, Kitchen

Daylight White

Bluer Light which provides a vibrant atmosphere to any room. Preferred in warmer climates to give cool feeling

Rooms: Garage, Bathrooms, Laundry, Sheds

The team at Bara Electrical are passionate about providing expert advice and service when it comes to lighting design. Our qualified electricians work meticulously to ensure you obtain the perfect ambient lighting in your home.

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