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RCD and Smoke Alarm Compliance in Western Australia

Residual Current Device (RCD) and Smoke Alarms save lives and is the responsibility of the home owner to ensuring these are maintained and in working order.

By using a qualified electrician to carry out smoke alarm and RCD maintenance both the home owner and the property manager can be assured that the correct procedures are undertaken to ensure that the property is smoke alarm and RCD compliant and safe.

What is an RCD?

RCDs cut the electricity supply instantly if a person touches a live part and receives a shock. By installing two or more RCDs, the property’s circuits can be divided evenly between them, ensuring some light and power remains if one RCD operates. Multiple RCDs also avoid nuisance operation caused by appliances with low-level leakage currents. All properties constructed after 2000 should already have two RCDs fitted.

What is a compliant smoke alarm?

Owners must ensure that the smoke alarm(s):

  • are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) applicable at the time of the installation of the alarms.
  • are not more than 10 years old at the time of the transfer of ownership, or making the dwelling available for rent or hire;
  • are in working order; and
  • are permanently connected to consumer mains power (hard-wired).

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services recommends that occupants test alarms monthly by pressing the “test” button on the alarm and also recommend cleaning of the smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner at least once a year. Additionally, FESA recommend changing the backup battery in mains powered smoke alarms yearly.

Bara Electrical and Services are experienced in checking properties for smoke alarm and RCD compliance in accordance with the relevant codes including installation and testing for correct. We have put together a package for our clients to provide scheduled maintenance and testing of smoke alarms and RCDs in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations.

Keep your household safe and book a regular maintenance today.

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