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Spring into Outdoor Entertaining

YAY! Spring has finally arrived and sunny days, warm evenings and outdoor entertaining are all underway. We have prepared a few tips and tricks to get your outdoor area ready for the hot summer days that are just around the corner.

External Power Outlets

Spring is the best time of year to get a safety check on all external power outlets.  During winter moisture can get into external electrical sockets, so we check to ensure they are safe, still working and there is no sign of water ingress. If something is wrong with the socket it could damage any electrical appliances plugged into it, or it could trip the RCD.  Have all external power outlets checked and change them when necessary, it’s also the perfect opportunity to have extra power sockets installed where required.

Light Fittings

Outside light fittings can all be changed to efficient LEDs for better and brighter lighting and cost savings.  If you have dark areas that need lighting up, install extra lights.  These can either be wall mounted or overhead, including lights under eaves, in patio areas or along pathways and in gardens for safety and effect.

Overhead Ceiling FanCeiling fan

Installing an overhead fan under the patio can disburse the hot air and increase air circulation. Moving air makes you feel cooler, and fans are a cost effective cooling option to buy and install.


The creepy crawleys come with the territory even though they are not invited!  Installing an electric bug zapper may help you and your guests stay bite free.  Zappers come in all sizes so there will be one that’s right for your outdoor entertaining area. You will need a power point installed in the right spot – up high or under eaves so your new zapper can plug straight in.


We can thoroughly recommend installing hardwired Wi-Fi ceiling speakers so you can stream your music from any device. This solves the problems associated with Portable speakers that require constant charging and allows you to enjoy non-stop music.

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Call us to book in an outdoor safety check and to have new lighting and power outlets installed.

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